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Talkin' Tech: What's My Account???
Talkin' Tech page provides guidelines for:

Network Account

Blackboard Account
CCAC Central Account

Datatel Account (employees only)
ARC Account (employees
only with Datatel Access)

In order to ensure our network’s security, integrity and to safeguard your CCAC data, school work, and business matters, the College policy requires you to change your Network Account and Colleague passwords every ninety (90) days.

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Your Network Account

STUDENTS: Students are provided  network account to  access to CCAC network resources.  They access computer services using the NetID account.  Students will use this network account to log in to College PC's, access their academic email account, publish academic web pages, and utilize library resources from off-campus.  Students who experience difficulties with their NetID or password should contact the Campus Computer Lab staff.

EMPLOYEES: Your Employee Network Account (EmpID) login is usually your first initial, followed by your full last name.  Exceptions are made when the username is already used by another employee.  In these cases, the login ID is usually followed by the digit 2.  Login ID's and passwords are case sensitive, so make sure that you are typing these correctly.  You will always log on to the CCAC domain.

Your Network login and password also serves as your Outlook Email ID and password.  After you log on to the network, you can open Outlook and your inbox will automatically display, as long as Outlook has been configured for your use.  If you are using Outlook Web Access to log onto your email from home or outside the College, don't forget that you have to type "ccac\" before your Network login ID.


When you log onto the network, employees can also access both personal and shared network drives.  The F: drive provides a limited amount of personal file storage, which is available from any PC connected to the network.  The U: drive is accessible to users who must share files with others in your department.  Folders on the U: drive are assigned to users based on the rights requested by the department.


Passwords must be changed every 90 days.  Click here for instructions on changing your password.


FACULTY: Faculty may also adopt a secondary academic email account for communicating with their students.  The web-based academic email system is accessed at http://webmail.acd.ccac.eduFaculty will use their Network login ID and password to access their academic email box and web publishing.


NOTE: Faculty will require an Employee Network account in order to log in to College PC's or to use the Outlook Email system

CCAC Central

Students, Faculty, and Staff can also access information from the Datatel Colleague system via the web-based CCAC Central.   If you don't have an ID and password for this service, you can go to the E-Services link (found on every CCAC web page, bottom left hand corner), access any of the menus and click on the menu item "Create or Reset your CCAC Central Username and Password". 
After you submit your request for a CCAC Central account, a username and temporary password will be assigned, and you will receive an automated email from the system confirming your Username and temporary password.  When you log  in to CCAC Central,  you will enter your user name and  the temporary password, a message will be generated that your password has expired. You will then be directed to another web page to reset your password to one of your choosing, enter the information requested.
Note: It will ask you for old password, this is the temporary one that was just generated. 

Change your password at any time, by clicking on "Create or Reset your CCAC Central Username and Password" link on any of the menus. Your new password must be 6 to 9 characters in length and include both letters and numbers.

Instructions are found on our CCAC Central webpage.

Blackboard (Distance Learning)

STUDENTS your NetID account  gives you access to your academic email, and the ability to log on to a college computer is also your log in ID for Blackboard.  You may not change your password from within Blackboard. 
See instructions for changing your  Network password.

may utilize Blackboard to teach an Internet or Web-enhanced course (pending approval from Division Dean and Department Head), supplement their traditional classroom instruction, or share information with members of their department.  Blackboard course sites are created by the Distance Learning staff.

To obtain a Blackboard account and/or course site, please fill out the request form on the website. Course Request


Please be reminded that your Network account and password is also your academic email, web publishing and Blackboard password.  You may not change your password from within Blackboard.  

See instructions for changing your  Network password.


Questions? Call Service Desk  at (412) 237-8700.

Your Datatel/ Colleague Account

If you are required to use Colleague (Datatel, MILO) in your job, you will be provided with a Colleague account.  The User ID's for Colleague are limited to 8 characters (usually your first initial followed by the first 7 letters of your last name).  To obtain a Datatel account, your supervisor must email the appropriate Colleague data owner, who will submit the request through the appropriate approvals.  You will be assigned to the appropriate Datatel security profile, which will determine to which screens you have update or inquiry access.

Your Colleague password will expire every 90 days and you will be required to change your password at these regular intervals

Click here for instructions on changing your Colleague password.

APPROVALS:  If you are an Approver in the Purchasing system, you will set another password which is utilized by the approval process.  You will set or change your password using the APPW screen.  Create a password that is different from your Colleague password.  If you forget your approval password, you can just return to the APPW screen and set a new one.

ARC (Administrative Reporting Center)

If you have a Colleague account, you can also access ARC, Administrative Reporting CenterThis is the web-based system for retrieving statistical and budget reports.  All data found in these reports has been extracted from the Colleague system, using data from the end of the former business day.  Your username will be the same as your Colleague username.  An initial password will be provided to you by the ITS Development staff.

To change  your password, click on the Change Password link located on the top right corner of the ARC menu. If you have forgotten your password, call the Helpdesk to request that your ARC password be reset.

Your CMS account

If you have editing or approval responsibilities for content on the CCAC web site, you will have been provided with an account in the Content Management System (CMS).  Your username will usually be identical to your Network login ID.  Your password will be generated automatically by the CMS system and emailed to you.  This password cannot be changed.  If you forget your password, contact the Webteam and they can send you the password via email.

Questions?  The CMS system is supported by the Webteam.                                                             Email or call (412) 237-3149 if you have questions or problems.

    Never share your password(s) with anybody else!!

If you give your password to someone, log in for someone else, or make your password public, you are compromising the security of the network, endangering your own files and communications, and violating ITS policies.  Keep passwords private!

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