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Talkin' Tech: Using Academic Email
Talkin' Tech page provides guidelines for:
Log On to Academic Email
Your Mailbox
Address Book

STUDENTS: are automatically provided with a Student Academic Email account, whenever you receive your NetID  network account at CCAC.  Your email address will be

FACULTY: you may use faculty academic email account, in addition to your employee Outlook account.  You may find it convenient to give students your academic email address for correspondence and submission of class work, while giving your regular employee email address to everyone else.  By this method, you can segregate your student correspondence from other emails.  Your academic email address would be

Whether you are student or faculty, the web URL address to access your email is

Frequently-Asked Questions can be found on the ITS web site.  Also, see the Academic Email web page for more information about procedures.

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Logging In to Academic Email

Your Mailbox

More information on Managing Your Mail:  
Select Items Composing a New Message Setting Options for your Inbox:
Marking Items Sending/Receiving Attachments Personal Info and Signatures
Moving or Copying Messages Replying to Messages Filtering
Sorting Messages Forwarding Messages Preferences for Mail
Deleting Messages Searching Messages Display Options
Blacklisting   Message Composition

Your Address Book

More information on Managing Your Address Book
Adding a New Contact Importing or Exporting Contacts Setting Options for  Address Book:
Editing/Deleting Contacts Searching Contacts Column Options
Creating a Distribution List Advanced Search Default Display
Using a Distribution List   Name Format

Your Calendar

More information on Managing Your Calendar:
Calendar Views Editing or Deleting Events Setting Options for your Calendar
Adding a New Event Importing/Exporting Calendar Category Management
Setting Alarms Printing your Calendar Date and Time Options
Recurring Events User Preferences

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