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Talkin' Tech: Learning Academic Email Address Book
Talkin' Tech page provides guidelines for:
Access Address Book Search or Advance Search
Adding New Contacts Setting Options
Editing/Deleting Contact Column Options
Creating a Distribution List Default Display
Using Your Distribution List Name Format
Import/Export Address Book  

STUDENTS: are automatically provided with a Student Academic Email account, whenever you receive your NetID  network account at CCAC.  Your email address will be

FACULTY: you may use faculty academic email account, in addition to your employee Outlook account.  You may find it convenient to give students your academic email address for correspondence and submission of class work, while giving your regular employee email address to everyone else.  By this method, you can segregate your student correspondence from other emails.  Your academic email address would be

Whether you are student or faculty, the web URL address to access your email is

Frequently-Asked Questions can be found on the ITS web site.

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Address Book:
Managing Your Address book
To view your address click the icon that looks like a business card

Your Address Book is viewable in either Browse or Search mode.  When you click on Browse, you will see your list of contacts and can browse the list.  When you click on Search, you will be able to search the entire list by entering criteria for a Search.  Go to Options, Default Display to choose how you wish your Address Book to appear whenever you log on.

Adding A New Contact
To add a new contact, click on "NEW CONTACT" on the Address book menu.
The "NEW CONTACT" window will appear.  Enter the person's name, email address and all other demographic information you want to store about this person.
Click the
Save button when done.

Editing or Deleting  A  Contact
To edit an existing contact, go to your Address Book.  Click the Browse button if your Contacts are not currently in view.  Click on either the name or email address to open the contact record.

The Contact record will open for you to view.  To edit the record click on the Edit link at the top or bottom of the contact record.  To delete the record, click on the Delete link at the top or bottom of the window.

NOTE: you can click on the yellow arrow icon  to display driving directions, compliments of MapQuest.

The Edit window will appear.  Add or change the information necessary and then click on the Save Changes link at the top or bottom of the Edit window.

How to Create a Distribution List

Select   Address from the menu bar

Next select Browse from the menu

On the right hand side of the page select the names of all the contacts you would like to add to your distribution list.

You might receive a bar similar to this one at the top of your mailbox.

Click on “click here to allow scripted windows…”

Then select “Temporarily Allow Scripted Window”  a dialog box will appear.

In the new dialog box, type the name of the new list and click “OK”.

Notice the new listing in your Address book listing “Top Cats”

 Also noticed that up at the top you receive a message that states you were successful and how many contacts were added to your list.

Using Your Distribution List

To compose a new message using your new Distribution List go to your Inbox and select “New Message”

In the new message dialog box, start typing the name of your desired list. Similar user names will appear. Click on the one you need.

Importing or Exporting Contacts

If you already have your contacts entered into another email software program, you can probably import them into your Academic Email account.  To import from another program, you may need to prepare your list by exporting the list from the other software first.  Click on Import/ Export on your Address Book.

The Import/ Export window will appear. 

To Import, first select the format of your former list (Outlook, Comma Separated values, vCard, etc).  If the format is Comma Separated Values (CSV), check this box if you have a header row that contains field names.    Select the destination to import to, and click on Browse to find the file that contains your former list.  Click Import to perform the import.  The system may prompt you to match up fields in the old list with fields in the new software.  (Note if the other system separated out Last Name and First Name, you will have to choose to bring only last name and hand-key the first names into your contact records)  When the import is finished, you should be able to view all these entries from the Address Book (Browse) view.


To Export, choose the format that the new software will want to use, and select the source in your account that you will want to export.  Click on Export.  You will use this method when you have a complete list on your Academic email and wish to copy your list to another software program you wish to use.

Searching Contacts

To search your Contacts, click on the Search button on your Address Book.

The Search window will appear.  You may choose to search by Name or Email.  Choose which you wish to search by, and enter a name or partial name after Matching.  Click Search.  All contacts which match the name or email address will appear in your address list.  To return to the whole list, click on the Browse button.

Advanced Search

Click on the Advanced Search button in your Address Book.

The Advanced Search window will appear.  Now you can search by any field in the Contact records.  Enter your criteria for searching in any of the fields and click on Search.

Setting Options for your Address Book

Customize how your Address Book looks by setting Options.  Click on Options in your Address Book.

The Options menu will appear.  Choose the Options category you wish to change.

Column Options

In the Options menu, click on Column Options.  First choose My Addressbook, or the list you wish to view.  The Available Columns will show in the left window and the columns presently showing will display in the right window.  The name is automatically displayed.  The example below includes Name, Email, and Company in the Addressbook view. 

To add other columns, click on the available column, and click on the Finger Pointing to the Right.  To remove a column, click on the Selected Column and click on the Finger Pointing to the Left.  When done, click on Save Options.

Default Display
In the Options menu, click on Default Display.  Choose either Address Book Listing (this opens your Addressbook in view or browse mode) or Search (this opens your Addressbook in Search mode).

Name Format
In the Options menu, click on Name Format.  Choose which format you wish to display names in your Addressbook.


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