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Academic Email

STUDENTS: All current students at CCAC have access to our academic email system.   In order to access academic email, you must have a NetID account Your academic email account will be available the day AFTER your NetID account is obtained.  Student academic email boxes are limited to 10mb.


FACULTY: If you are a current faculty member, you also may use Academic Email, in addition to your Outlook email account.  If you choose to provide your students with your academic email address, you can then segregate student correspondence from regular College correspondence in Outlook;  do not forget to check both your email accounts. Faculty academic email boxes are limited to 100mb.


To log into academic email, go to

Your email address will be (students) or (faculty).


IMPORTANT NOTE: All Distance Learning students (with Blackboard accounts) must use Academic Email for their coursework.  See Distance Learning Center web pages for more information.


For further instructions on how to use academic email, click here to go to the Academic Email Talkin' Tech page.

Need help? Call the ITS Help Desk at (412) 237-3275; or contact the one of the ITS Campus Computer labs.


Passwords must be changed every 90 days.  Click here for instructions on changing your password.



NOTE: Faculty will require an Employee Network account in order to log in to College PC's or to use the Outlook Email system

Academic Web Publishing

As a Student at CCAC, you may create a web page on our academic publishing server. Students may upload files up to a maximum of 10 MB. Faculty also have the ability to create web pages. Faculty may upload files up to a maximum of 100 MB.  

NOTE: You will use SharePoint Designer 2007 (Microsoft Office software) to create and edit content on your web page (or html or other web programming if you want to do it the hard way!)

Want to see some examples of web pages created by CCAC faculty?  Check out these links: (partial page shown above)

For further instructions on academic web publishing, click here to go to the ITS Academic Web Publishing page.

If you encounter problems in uploading content, fcall the Service desk at (412)237-3275 or   contact the ITS Campus Computer Lab.

Blackboard (Distance Learning)

he Blackboard software is used by CCAC to support Distance Learning Students. 

STUDENTS: If you are using Blackboard exclusively or as enhancement to you classroom experience visit this webpage for the latest information. Distance Learning: Blackboard Access and Information

FACULTY: If you have not used Blackboard, you should know you have the following options:

  • Teach an INTERNET course.  Generally, all teaching and learning takes place via the Internet.  Students interact with the instructor and classmates through a course website.  Learning activities and assignments are completed according to the instructions and schedule posted by the instructor.  Some instructors required students to take their exams at CCAC testing sites or with an approved proctor.

  • Teach a WEB-ENHANCED course.  Web-enhanced courses combine traditional classroom instruction with online collaboration and learning.  Students attend class at a CCAC campus or college center on a regular but less frequent schedule (60% minimum of standard class time + final exam time + class breaks if the class exceeds 100 minutes at a time).  The balance of the course time is dedicated to self-directed and scheduled online collaboration and learning activities such as email, threaded discussion, and chat.

  • Use Blackboard to supplement your traditional classroom-based course, via TECHNOLOGY-SUPPORTED courses.  Technology Supported courses are traditional classroom courses that are enhanced with online materials, resources, and communication options (i.e. Blackboard course site).  Instructors may utilize online technology and tools but will not require online participation outside of regular classroom time.



NetID for Students

All students must obtain a NetID account if you are to use any computer at the College. Your CCAC Network Identifier (NetID) and password identify you to the CCAC network and allow you to access a variety of resources and services. 

All Distance Learning students must have a NetID in order to utilize the Blackboard site.  This includes Internet courses, Web-Enhanced courses and Technology-Supported classes.

NOTE: If you are a faculty member, you are to use your Employee Network Account (Outlook) to log into the campus network.  You will not obtain a NetID.  NetID is restricted for student use only.

For further information on how students can obtain a NetID account, click here to go to the ITS Network Accounts information page.

Have students who need help obtaining a NetID?  They should contact the ITS Campus Computer Lab staff.  New students will be able to obtain a NetID account on the day AFTER they register for classes.


CCAC Central

Students, Faculty, and Staff can also access information from the Datatel Colleague system via the web-based CCAC Central.   If you don't have an ID and password for this service, you can go to the E-Services link (found on every CCAC web page, bottom left hand corner), access any of the menus and click on the menu item "Create or Reset your CCAC Central Username and Password". 
After you submit your request for a CCAC Central account, a username and temporary password will be assigned, and you will receive an automated email from the system confirming your Username and temporary password.  When you log  in to CCAC Central,  you will enter your user name and  the temporary password, a message will be generated that your password has expired. You will then be directed to another web page to reset your password to one of your choosing, enter the information requested.
Note: It will ask you for old password, this is the temporary one that was just generated. 

Change your password at any time, by clicking on "Create or Reset your CCAC Central Username and Password" link on any of the menus. Your new password must be 6 to 9 characters in length and include both letters and numbers.

Instructions are found on our CCAC Central webpage.

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