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So You Want to be a Delegate

Delegating permission to a folder in Outlook is a two-step process.  First, the delegator must assign permission to the delegatee.  Next, the delegatee must configure Outlook to view the delegator's folder.  Below is a description of the roles of the delegator and delegatee.

Delegator Tasks : In Outlook, delegate permission allows you to give permission to another person to access certain features of your Outlook email account.  You can give them permission to:

Delegatee Tasks :In order to view another user's folder, another user's calendar or to send on behalf of a user, the delegator must complete assigning you delegate permissions.  If delegate permissions have been assigned,  you must then configure Outlook to view another folder, to view another calendar or sending on behalf of.

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Assigning Delegate Permissions to Another Person

Outlook is not already open, double-click on your E-mail icon to launch Outlook.
From the File tab, Click on Account Settings, then select Delegate Access.

Account settings

Click on the Add button

Now select the users you want to give delegate permissions to (the global address book will appear select the name by double clicking).
When you have added all the users you want to give delegate permission to, click the OK button to exit the window.
You will then see the the Permissions button highlight.

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Viewing Another User's Folder

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Viewing Another User's Calendar

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Sending on Behalf of

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