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Talkin' Tech: Managing a Departmental Email Account
Talkin' Tech page provides guidelines for:  

All departmental email boxes will be set up and delegate rights will be authorized as requested via the Marketing or ITS departments; no password will be provided; all editors/ authors will access the box as a delegate.  This  page provides guidelines or "best practice" for the editors and authors for accessing and maintaining the departmental inbox.

Viewing the Departmental Inbox                                         Sending on Behalf of the Department
Working with your Team to Manage Correspondence     Using Signatures 
Managing Mailbox Size

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Viewing the Departmental Inbox

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Working with Your team

Since there may be several editors sharing the responsibility for managing messages, we suggest the following "best practices" to effectively respond to inquiries.

Use categories to indicate who is taking care of each email.  You can assign a different color to each of the editors.  When you decide to take ownership of a message, right-click on the "Category" area and choose the  color that has been assigned to you.  If you are finished working with the message, you can click on the "Flag" area to mark it as "done" and a check mark will display.  Once completed, editors can delete or move messages to a folder for storage.

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Managing Mailbox Size

Email box editors must be responsible for maintaining the inbox on the server.  To clean the mailbox, ITS advises that the primary editor create a personal folder in Outlook and drag emails to be stored to that personal folder.  (The normal archiving process is not available for delegates.)

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Sending on behalf of the Department
In order to send an email from the departmental account, follow these simple steps:
  • Click on the Home tab, and then click  New Email.

  • In the From... box, type the name of the departmental account. If you leave the From... box blank, the message is sent from you.

Can't see the From... field? In the message window, on the Option tab, find the field section and click on Show From.

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Using Signatures

You should be using signatures for both your own correspondence and messages from the departmental account, in order to give a professional appearance to your email communications and provide valuable contact information for your customers.


Signatures are stored on your hard drive. If you wish to create a separate signature for emails coming from the departmental account, set up a new signature.  When sending an email message from the departmental account, click on Insert/ Signature and select the departmental signature.

See our Getting Productive with Outlook page for instructions for creating signatures.


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