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Talkin' Tech: Online Services
Information Request Form

To access this online form, click on Information Request at the bottom of every CCAC web page, or click here

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CCAC Central

CCAC Central has a button logo found on the bottom left corner of every CCAC web page

For more instructions on using CCAC Central, click here.

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Appointment Central

CCAC Appointment Central provides Students and Prospective Students with the ability to make appointments to see an academic advisor, placement testing, orientation and other services. Benefits include reduced time waiting in line, 24/7 access and increased ease of use


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Online Dean

The Online Dean tool allows students to contact the Deans of Student Development with questions relating to more than 30 topics, like student accounts, financial aid, graduation or career services.

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 Online Bookstore

Use the CCAC Online Bookstore and avoid buses, cars or long lines. Students can just jump on the website and experience the convenience of ordering books online and have books arrive at their home before classes begin.

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Online Tutoring


SMARTHINKING  is now available to CCAC students who are unable to use the in-house facilities. Each student has 10 hours of free on-line help available





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Campus Virtual Tour


Through a grant from the CCAC Educational Foundation and Sprint, the web team developed a virtual tour that is state-of-the-art for a community college.  Use CCAC’s virtual tour to negotiate the twists and turns, parking areas, emergency exits, and handicapped accessibility online before you even step on campus.  The tour includes points of interest on campuses, neighborhood landmarks, and highlights including enrollment management services.


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Tuition Calculator

Students can get a total picture of what it costs to attend CCAC and can calculate their total tuition package (some additional fees are not included). 
Tuition Calculator Web Page

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Email Access

For Students and Faculty: Academic Email

 All faculty with a CCAC network account and all students with a NetID will have an academic mail and web account available to them. To view   Academic Email Talkin' Tech Page for more information. To log in Go to Academic Email

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For Employess: Outlook Web Access

Employees can check their Outlook inbox, calendar , and contacts from home or anywhere in the the world via the web. Remember to type in span ccac\  before your user name when you log in.

Go to Outlook Web Access

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The Blackboard software is used by CCAC to support Distance Learning. Students must have an academic email account to participate in a Blackboard course. Click on  view more information on Distance Learning.

Go to Blackboard

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Gartner Research Portal

Students with a NetID or Employees with a Network account may access the Gartner Research portal. Get access to thousands of research articles on the latest trends and products in the Information Technology Industry.         Remember to type in ccac\  before your user name when you log in.

Go to Gartner Research


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NetID for Students:

Your Key to the Network, Email and Blackboard

NetID provides students access to CCAC network resources, including Blackboard and academic email. For more information visit our NetID web page.

Go to NetID ( you must be a CCAC computer for this to provide you access to create an ID.)

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EntryPoint provides both employees and students web-based access to change your passwords.

Go to EntryPoint

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Section Planning Wizard:

Provides the ability to request Blackboard course sites for the current and upcoming term, to view the status of your requests, and to receive emails updating you on the status of your request
This wizard replaces all previous Blackboard Site Request methods


To request a course click here

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Membership is exclusive and free to alumni only. All you need to do to take advantage of all the community has to offer is to proceed through the registration process to establish a User ID and password.

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