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                                                                   Managing your Password

n order to ensure our network’s security, integrity and to safeguard your CCAC data, school work, and business matters, the College policy requires you to change your Network Account and Colleague passwords every ninety (90) days.

Changing your Network Password
You will be required to change your network password every 90 days.
Your Network login ID and password are the same for these services:

Recommendations for setting your password:

To change your Network Password when on Campus using a College Computer:


To change your Network Password from home or outside the College network:

Employees now have two choices on how to change their passwords from outside the College network:

Go to Outlook Web Access

Select this is a public or shared computer

  1. Login to Outlook Web Access using ccac\username and the password .

  2. After logging in on the right side of you screen, below your name you will see an options button with a drop  down menu box.

  3. Select change password

  4. Enter in your current password.

  5. Enter your new password and  then confirm your new password.

  6. Click on the green check and Save

  7. Click on the Mail icon to return to your inbox

Open Internet Explorer and go to NetID Account Management

For any of the listed options, you need your student or employee ID number.
Employees can only use the change password option on this wizard.
Want to view a video demonstration of the NetID Account ManagementSite?  Click here.

Option 1: Change My Password
You will need to remember your old password. Also, the password cannot be expired.
Option 2: Reset My Forgotten Password (students only)
You need the following information if you do not already have Security Questions saved in the system:
Then you will be asked to answer three different security questions. 
Please note:  The security questions must each have unique answers. These will be used in the future whenever you need to reset a forgotten password.

Option 3: Create or Update Password Reset Questions (students only)

You can use this option to maintain your security questions that were described above.


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