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Talkin' Tech: Publisher Basics
Are you looking for an easy way to create exciting flyers to attract a student's eyes? Or maybe you want to create a certificate to recognize someone's hard work or achievement?  If the answer to one of these questions is yes, then you may want to get know Publisher. 

New Look
Getting Started
Creating a Publication

Publishing to Promote CCAC

Publisher is "the business publishing and marketing materials program that helps you create, design, and publish professional marketing and communication materials.   So if you find your current materials are not attracting enough "buzz", try giving Publisher a whirl to add some zest to your business publishing and marketing materials.

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New Look
Microsoft Publisher should be available on all CCAC computers. 

The picture below shows a Flyer template waiting for information to be entered in

Begin Using Publisher

To find out more information on the Back Stage view, visit Office 2010: What’s New.  Our  online course in Moodle.

Creating a Publication

The Flyer Design is one of the easiest and most frequently used of all the Publisher designs. Using the flyer design will also allow us to demonstrate how easy it is to customize and personalize the Flyer designs.

1. To create a Flyer click on the Flyer category located under the file tab 

2.Next select the type of Flyer. You may select one of the predesigned templates, or you may create one from scratch. For our purposes we selected  one of the Installed templates by clicking on Flyers >All Events.  A selection on Templates will appear
After you select your template (on the right hand side of your screen) a navigation pane will appear. You may then Customize your Flyer by selecting; Color Scheme, Font Scheme, Business Information, Options, Tear Offs.

Color Scheme
You may use one of the pre-defined Color Schemes, or design your own.


When all your color selections are completed, you may name your color scheme and click Save*.

*Once a color scheme is saved you may use it in other publications

Font Scheme

You may select a Font Scheme or leave it blank.

Business Information 

You may set business information to print on your publications. Once the information is set, you will not have repeat  this step again unless you need edit the information, or add another business.

Once all the information is entered click Save.

Options and Tear-offs


When all of your selections are completed click the Create button.
You are now ready to add information to your Flyer.


Publishing to Promote CCAC

Don't forget that the CCAC Marketing department has established standards for printed publications which promote the College.  Please share your drafts with the Marketing Department staff who can provide consultation on style and content, to ensure that your flyer meets CCAC Standards.

Style Guide and Branding Manual

Contact Marketing Department

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