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                                   Finding an Elusive

Have you ever frantically searched for a file that was either moved or saved to the wrong location? 
You are not alone.  We've all wasted time looking for an elusive file. 
Windows 7  can help you to find a lost or moved file both faster and easier. 
Windows 7 offers several different ways in which you may search for missing files.

You can search for:

Pictures, Music, and Video: multimedia files.

Documents: word processing, spreadsheet, text, etc. files.

All Files and Folders: everything on removable media, your hard drive, and network drive(s).

Printers, Computers or People: printers that are part of our network.  (The search for computers or people may only be a beneficial feature for ITS staff.)

Information in "Help and Support Center": Microsoft's help documentation for Windows 7


Windows provides several different ways to locate that missing file.

The first option is general overall search








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