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Get the messages you want and scrap the messages you don't. Find instructions here for managing your spam-filtered, quarantined email.

ITS maintains the CCAC Spam Filtering system to decrease the amount of "spam" email that you receive in your Outlook and/or Academic Email mailboxes. Your email will be automatically scanned and probable spam messages will be quarantined (NOT deleted). 
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Spam Filter Digest Emails

Using Outlook?
Your digest notification will look like this:

Using Outlook Web Access?
Your digest notification will look like this:

To release an individual email message, click on the "Release" link in the first column.

You can also view the entire email message by clicking on the Subject link for an individual message.  A web page will display the entire message, in the Select Action... dialogue box, make selection and click Submit.

Or you can manage your email quarantine all at once by clicking on the link for "your email quarantine" or View All Quarantined Messages(##).  Either link takes you to the same webpage.

Using CCAC Academic Email 

Your digest in the Academic Email system is displayed below.  You can release a message as "not spam" by clicking on the URL link after each message summary.  Or you can click on the link to see all quarantined messages.  If you choose to see your quarantine, you will be directed to a web page where you can manage your quarantined messages.

Managing Messages in your Email Quarantine

Your email quarantine will be accessible via a webpage as it appears below.  All quarantined messages will appear on this one webpage, listing 25 messages per page.  You may click on the subject of any message to view the entire message and either release or delete the message.  You can also manage multiple messages at a time by clicking the check box before multiple messages; then simply click on "Not Spam" or "Delete" to perform this action for all checked messages.  You will be prompted to confirm the release or delete action in an additional window.

You can also use the Search feature to manage messages that are related, as shown below.

For more information on procedures, see the ITS CCAC Spam Filter webpage.

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