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The Desktop is the full-screen display where Windows activity takes place.  The Windows desktop is similar to your desk.  On your desk, you probably have items that you use daily, your current work, and various tools that you need to work.  Your Windows desktop includes the same items: you have icons for Ellucian, Outlook, and other programs you use daily, and the icon for your Recycle Bin, which is similar to  your trash can.


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As you can see the Windows 7 operating system has similar look to Windows XP. However there are some changes. The desktop still contains icons, the task bar, the start button and the system tray.  The task bar, system tray and the start button have under gone some minor changes. You will also see a dialogue box on your desktop with system information.

The Taskbar contains the Start Button, Quick Launch Bar, System Tray and open windows. From the taskbar, you can access all Windows features and accessories.

The start button is now round with the windows logo

These icons are part of your Quick Launch Bar.  Since the icons are located on your taskbar, they are visible with a window open and can be opened by double-clicking.  You can add other icons for those software programs which you use often, by dragging a desktop icon down to this area of the taskbar.

The System Tray is on the right side of the taskbar.  The System Tray shows the time and displays small icons for all programs or utilities which are running in the background

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